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Kingston University, Faculty of Science and Engineering Construction Management 2014-15 Jonathan Masudi k1224507 Construction Business and Law Module Code- CE5211 Mr David White February 6th 2015 Client Brief Mrs Jackson has recently moved to the UK and has plans to build a number of developments. My client intends to build high end luxury apartment in the area of Kensington. It will be accomplished by using a traditional procurement due to the fact that my client would like to have an influential say in the design and the construction. Mrs Jackson plans on building ten spacious serviced apartments. The idea is to renovate an existing building in the area and once the apartments are fit for purpose they will be…show more content…
Advantages (RICS, 2015) There is familiarity among contractors and consultant there the roles and responsibilities are well understood. The client is in charge of the design team so there is direct reporting from them, and this warrants control is maintained. Priced Bills of Quantities provide a basis for variations to be priced at tendered rates. Disadvantages A fixed lump sum price is hardly ever achievable. A contractor may give a valuation to win the job instead of giving a price that correctly reflects the work to be carried out. This can encourage a claims culture if the submitted price was too low because of market forces. Construction Management (Towey, 2013) This service is provided by a construction management company that becomes a contractor for a project. The management company charges the client a lump sum fee for managing a project in addition to providing the projects preliminaries and acting as site consultant for the effective delivery of the scheme. In general the basis of the chargeable fee includes for: . Pre-construction advisory services for programming and accommodation planning. . Preliminaries for site staff and running cost. . Initiation of a collaborative information technology system, including staff training Mobilising and demobilising the site accommodation including maintenance and cleaning. .Fixed charges for mechanical plant, i.e. delivery,
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