Construction Delays Of The Construction Industry

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This research paper is focused on one of the biggest concern of the construction industry in today’s world, which is “Construction Delay Claims”. A construction project consists different individual or interdependent activities. There is a higher possibility that some sort of delay might occur in any of the involved activities. In order to mitigate issue of delays and make delay claim resolving process easier, researcher and engineers came with an idea which is know as “Critical Path Method (CPM)”. CPM would have different activity paths but among them the longest path (based on time duration) is known as critical path. Critical path is also known as “Zero Float Path”. Float is a certain extra amount of time allotted to activities which can be utilized before or during that activity. It can be understood that any delay in the activities that are on critical path could cause overall project to be delayed. Though delays are quiet common in construction projects, it is necessary to determine whether the delay is critical or not. Once the criticality of the delay is decided then the responsible party for the delay is determined. This is the basic logic behind all the construction delay claims assessment methodologies. Key tools in the assessment procedure are As- planned schedule and As- build schedule for the project. As- planned scheduled is the schedule submitted by the contractor to the owner prior to the construction work starts. As- build schedule is the schedule which…
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