Construction Industry : A Dangerous Field Of Work

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Introduction The construction industry is a dangerous field of work. Although the construction industry and several agencies of government have adopted various measures to make job sites safer, construction is still a risky field of work. The number of injuries and deaths in the construction field is large than most of the other fields of work. Hence, it is paramount to understand the reasons behind the construction accidents and to develop strategies in order to avoid accidents and improve safety. There has been a lot of research done to know the causes of injuries and fatalities occurred on the construction site. A lot of jobs are being conducted simultaneously on the construction site and several workers are employed for these jobs. Due to the pressure of completing work on time the work on the construction projects is always fast moving. As a result, safety responsibilities can become less important which increases the chances of accidents. The need to complete work within the specified time draws the attention away from the safety duties which increases the likelihood for hazards to be ignored. In the several researches conducted in the past, several causes have been identified for the accidents that occur on the construct sites which include the involvement of management, workplace, workers, equipment and other construction related factors. It is vital to understand their responsibilities by construction professionals like designers, architects, general
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