Construction Industry And Construction Of Construction

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For centuries, construction industry played one of the most significant roles in a country. It indicates the types of civilization in each society. It helps people to live a qualitative life in homes and other living places. All that qualitative living begins with the construction workers. These workers are not only involved in ditch digging, roofing and other labor jobs, but also has many technical areas like structural engineering, electrical work, watering, environment and other design skills. Besides the work, the time frame and cost of materials are also important parts of completion and quality of a construction job. Their large involvement in a construction project sometimes, causes problems during construction. The
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4. Reduced potential for groundwater recharge.
5. Runoff of chemicals into water supplies. For example, Petroleum and other chemicals
6. Runoff of nutrients into water supplies. For example, Eutrophication of water

Figure 2: Soil sedimentation and stream bank erosion

Lack of effective combination of erosion and sediment control:
An effective method of erosion and sediment control is crucial during construction. Lack of such efficiency could be detrimental both to the human and animal life.

Figure 3: Ineffective erosion and sediment control
II. Human Errors
Human errors typically can be found in everywhere people are working on any projects. In general, human errors are divided into two types: unintentional and intentional mistakes. Understanding the types of human errors and learn from the causes of those types, it will be beneficial for building the next successful projects in the future
a. Intentional mistakes:
Some intentional mistakes are not intended to harm the whole projects, but its effect on the system may be undesirable or failed to meet the requirements. Such mistakes are made due to negligence of specifications. Some examples of those intentional are as follows
1. Deviation from an approved blueprint - A building constructed not per the approved specifications.
2. Improper installation and maintenance of best management practices – maintenance practices that does not comply with the
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