Construction Industry In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is the largest free market economy in the Middle East and North Africa, with a 25% share of GDP, and its geographical location provides easy access to export market in Europe, Asia and Africa. It is know that the main income of the Saudi economy is oil, which makes Saudi Arabia rank to be first in the world in oil precaution, oil production and oil exportation to reach 25% of the total wold oil precaution and other natural resources including a large range of industrial raw materials and mineral such as bauxite, limestone, gypsum, phosphate and iron ore. This allow to Saudi Arabia to be a one of the top 20 economic stability in the world.
The Saudi construction industry is skyrocketing; it relies on supply of materials that
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The structure of the paper mirrors this, as the following segment considers the structure of work in Saudi Arabia and, specifically, the diverse profession structures existing for Saudi and remote specialists. The segment that takes after takes a gander at abilities and aptitudes advancement. Another segment considers the effect of Saudisation on profession improvement. A last area introduces a few conclusions (Madhi, 2003).

the importance of the industrial sector to growth the country

Saudi Arabia currently has strong growth indicators, with the industrial sector accounting for about 60% of GDP. The number of employees in this sector does not exceed 21% of the total labor force, while the services sector contributes about 36% of GDP. About 70% of the total labor force in the Kingdom. Hence the importance of focusing on the industrial sector, especially manufacturing industries and small and medium enterprises. However, building the industrial sector is not an easy or quick process. It requires long-term planning, concerted efforts, knowledge and business sharing with experienced people, and a special focus on public-private partnerships.

As part of its plans to provide everything needed to stimulate the growth of the industrial sector, the Saudi Ministry of Trade and Industry is
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