Construction Industry Literature Review

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LITERATURE REVIEW: Labours are the essential key factor in construction industries and numerous of construction projects have been failed and unsuccessful due to shortage of skilled labours. Nowadays Australia’s construction industries facing a serious threat that is shortage of skilled workers which potentially have a very negative effect on construction industries plus can have long lasting bad effects on the country’s development in future. Based on reported studies, this literature review clearly states the overview of current state of knowledge about shortage of skilled workers. Objective 1: Training of the workers of construction industry Training of the workers is mandatory either they are currently working in the construction industry or they are new in this field because the construction industry is a dangerous field and the workers must do work under mines or on the top of the buildings etc. in extreme conditions so not only the health and safety of the workers is important but the other people safety is important too because they can injure due to the unawareness of the workers. and the training is a cause of shortage of skilled workers. In 1983, Business Round Table produce a report on shortage of skilled workers and said that it is due to lack of contractor’s interest in training and the company owner’s ignorance (Srour et al.2006). (Salleh et al. 2014) also said that training is one of other factors that became the cause of shortage of skilled workers. (While
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