Construction Industry : Statistics And Policy

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Chapter 1 introduction The construction industry is a major contributor to the UK and the world in general’s economies as a whole. In 2012 in the UK alone the gross value added was £83 Billion accounting for 6% of the total economy for the UK according to the paper produced by Chris Rhodes for the House of Commons titled Construction Industry: statistics and policy. (1) Due to the scale of the contribution the construction industry makes to the economy it has been the focus of various reports and investigations with the aim of growing and improving the construction industry. One area that has been continuously highlighted in these reports and investigations is the area of defects and reworks which according to H.J.Eldridge it was…show more content…
It is clear that the construction industry generates vast amounts of revenue and profits and the cost of reworks is an area where the main contractor or client must meet this cost from their profits or budget and its an issue that has not been rectified. For this reason major contractors are continuously taking actions to rectify this and implemented “zero defect” policies and action plans such as at Sir Robert Mcalpine who are at present attempting to implemented a policy of Regional Quality Leadership Team’s and have produced a charter with a vision statement, values and rules that alongside and an action plan for the purpose of producing projects of exceptional quality which are free of defects and snags. 1.1 Aim of research To investigate the factors required for a major contractors project manager/package manager to achieve a “zero defects” build, 1.2 The justification of the research The justification of the research comes from first hand experiences of the author who has spent eight years contributing to construction projects through various roles such as laborer, banks man, crane operator and latterly as a trainee package engineer working for various major contractors. In this time the author has encountered reworking and snagging lists covering the same works with the same causes and reasons on a recurring theme throughout the
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