Construction Laws And Construction Law

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Construction law
Construction law is associated with matters relating to building construction, engineering and related fields. It is a combination of contract law, commercial law, planning law, employment law and tort. The parties that get affected by this law are many. From financial institutions to construction workers, many including architects, engineers, surveyors and builders are both benefited and penalized because of construction law (Wikipedia 2015). Construction law covers a wide domain of legal issues such as;
1. Contract
The term contract can be defines as an agreement that produces obligations enforceable by law (Cornell University Law School 2013). It can be called a ‘legal promise’ which when broken or breached results in remedies from the breaching party in the form of general damages, consequential damages and reliance damages. The main purpose of a contract is to inform each party of their rights when the other party does not perform what it has promised in the contract. A contract becomes valid only when each party provides the other party with consideration.

2. Negligence/Tort
In case of a serious accident on the construction site all parties involved are brought into the litigation, as cross-allegations of construction safety issues, construction defects, and construction administration/observation/inspection issues (Construction Law in North Carolina 2012).
In some states, an employee can only seek a workers’ compensation recovery. However, he can…
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