Construction Management : Construction Of A Construction Manager

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Construction Management Title

Construction Management Rogelio Ramirez School of Engineering and Sciences

What is a Construction Manager?

The role of a Construction Manager is responsible for running and managing a construction site or a large part of it. This job involves preparing the site and communicating with other construction professionals such as architects, engineers, buyers, estimators and surveyors before construction work starts. They are in charge of developing the program of work and strategy to make the project happen. Planning ahead to prevent problems on site before they occur such as, planning the delivery and storage of equipment and materials. They have to make safety inspections of the site when work is underway and ensuring regulations relating to health, safety and the environment (HSE) are adhered to overseeing the running of several projects. They have to communicate with a range of people such as; the client, subcontractors, suppliers, the public and the workforce. Construction Managers are the creators for the future, planning and creating new advanced energy efficient smart homes and buildings,…
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