Construction Management

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Construction Management

Construction Management is the organization, coordination; planning and the process of overseeing a building project from the start of that project to the end. Construction management is carried out by managers who supervise building projects and all the work involved so as to achieve a client's goal or meet his expectation. He works together with other people in the project like the structural engineer, contractors and the architect so as to produce a functional and viable project. For this to be achieved, the people involved need to observe a certain level of personal and professional ethics so as to achieve the goals. Ethics is a set of moral principles through which a person's actions may be judged either as good or bad or as right or wrong. Ethics can either be personal those that guide one's personal actions, or professional, these guide one's actions while in practice. This is what construction management is all about.

Application of professional ethics
Just like any other business, personal and professional ethics is important in the construction industry. This is interpreted as treating others with the same level of honesty that they'd like to be treated. Ethical codes are not sufficient to ensure ethical conduct by themselves. They need to be complemented with personal responsibility and employer training. Ethics is applicable in business in that a business does not exist to suit an individual's interest, but it impacts
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