Construction Of A Memorial, New Tower And Transit System

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In September 2001, the World Trade Center towers in New York City were attacked by two high jacked airplanes. Over the next decade billions of dollars would be spent to search for those lost in the attack, clean up the site, plans to rebuild, equipment, work crews, fees, permits and construction of a memorial, new tower and transit system. During this decade long project many mistakes in planning and budget where made which in return caused delays and even more money to be spent in order to fix those problems. The key challenges of this massive project are large and vast. Time and money were the two biggest issues of this project. Next came project planning and designs and permits for the project. “Though initial plans called for the…show more content…
However, at the time and given the nature of what had happened and what was to be done many didn’t want to stop and think. Angotti stated in a news article about time delays saying “Calls for long-term planning were dismissed as foot-dragging and worse – even downright unpatriotic. Paradoxically, the rush to develop is one reason things are taking so long” (Angotti, T 2008) The approx. total cost for two new skyscrapers, PATH transit hub and national memorial cost $24 billion, this does not included the total number of tax breaks, insurance, donations, and/or back room deals. The rebuilding on ground zero consisted of 26 independent projects, each one having its own issues and political setbacks. In the beginning President George W. Bush offered $20 Billion to assist in rebuilding and clean up. $6 Billion was used for cleanup and $8 Billion was used for rebuilding. An additional $4.5 Billion was used for rebuilding which came from insurance on all of the property that was damaged during the attack. World Trade Center one cost $3.2 billion to build, but during the process had to be redesigned three times due to zoning, design and security issues. $1.6 Billion was given to local developers to build luxury buildings to bring more people and businesses to the area. The memorial cost $500 Million and was compiled in approx. 10 years.
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