Construction Of A Seven- Storey Hotel

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When constructing or refurbishing, the client needs to choose for a type of Procurement. Procurement is the process of obtaining goods and services. It is a term which describes the activities undertaken by a client or employer who is seeking to bring about the construction or refurbishment of a building”. (The Joints Contract Tribunal n.d.).
In most of cases, the client starts the procurement process by evaluating the benefits, costs and the risks of the project. Each method has individual strengths and weakness. “The client’s policies, resources, organisational structure and preferred contractual arrangements will all need to be taken into account in choosing the right procurement method for their project. (Deciding on
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The documents are quite used in the industry and the parties involved in the construction usually find the contract terms are easy to follow, resulting in less misunderstanding. It is important to have all the rules formalised in a contract, as the obligations and responsibilities of each party will be very clear, knowing who is doing it, when and for how much. ”Contractors may have partial or total design responsibilities, and in addition may undertake demanding management and coordinate roles, patterns of working have never been so diverse (Clamp, Cox & Lupton, 2007).
The next step, will be looking at Traditional procurement route:
Traditional procurement:
“ The traditional or conventional procurement method has been a standard practice in the construction industry for 150 years, following the emergence of general contracting firms and independent client consultants (Deciding on the appropriate JCT contract, 2011). The main feature in this method is, the design process is done separated of construction. The client has full responsibility over the designs and needs to work within an architect or designer to make it ready, as well as work schedules, bills of quantities and other specifications. However, it is the consultant who is responsible for payments and administrative subject attributed to valuations. As soon as all the documentation is done, it is time to select a contractor, which is normally done by a very competitive tendering.
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