Construction Of A Storage Facility For Leicester Tennis Ltd

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Executive Summary
This report aims to present all necessary information involved in planning and executing the construction of a storage facility for Leicester Tennis Ltd. This report will define the scope to the key stakeholders involved in the building of the new storage facility. It (the report) includes a SWOT analysis, which enumerates the strengths and weaknesses of project, and also points out the available opportunities. In addition, the report contains a work breakdown structure (WBS), key project milestones, a budget, risk assessment and a stakeholder management strategy.
Leicester Tennis Ltd is an SME company which specializes in the supply of groundwork equipment and materials for the construction of tennis courts. The company has confirmed the orders of new courts for tennis clubs and has other potential orders in more tennis clubs. This company has assigned the project to the project management team to ensure its smooth execution. The proposed project will, if successful, increase the company turnover, open new markets for the company, and create new opportunities for the project manager as well. The project manager has the authority to oversee, manage and execute this project accordingly. The project team will consist of the project manager, development managers, administrators, and an accountant. All project plans will be reviewed by the project manager and all funding decisions will be made by the project sponsor. The project has a budget of
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