Construction Of An Existing Large Dwelling Into A New Tavern / Restaurant

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“Planning is a continuously evolving process, at times chaotic and often contested, difficult and frustrating.” (Thompson, S. 2007). The redevelopment of an existing large dwelling into a new tavern/restaurant will be considered carefully as “…at the heart of planning is the community, and the education, research and practices relating to the planned use of land, its associated systems, and of the natural and built environmental, social and economic impacts and implications of the use of land.” (Thompson, S. 2007). In order for the developer to have the greatest chance of successfully obtaining planning and building permits, specific documents are required to be submitted to local council for revision and approval/dismissal. There are…show more content…
Zoning- Planners need to plan a town’s future. Zoning addresses the issues of land use, density and building height for certain areas. (Thompson, S. 2007). Zoning is a prime tool for guiding development of a town/suburb and sets helpful standards for long developed areas and is also useful for neighbourhood preservation. 2. Required Setbacks- Refers to the placement of the building on its block of land. In this case, the building is already pre-existing so the council will more than likely only need to consider the setback requirements for the new addition to the rear of the property. Issues such as proximity to the boundary line and therefore neighbours will need to be addressed. 3. Car Parking Requirements- The existing building was originally not designed to be a restaurant come tavern. As the building will now be repurposed the developer will need to allow for car parking plans within both the planning and building approval stages. 4. Floor Area Ratio- can be defined as “The total square feet of a building divided by the total square feet of the lot the building is located on.” In more urban areas this ratio tends to be greater to reflect the density of the area’s construction. (Investopedia, 2011) 5. Landscaping Requirements- Usually, an approved landscaping plan would be required for any new commercial or residential construction. Landscaping plans may also show utilities and
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