Construction Of An Investment Policy Statement

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Executive Summary

1. Construction of an investment policy statement:
A. Board Investment Objectives
B. Target Return
C. Level of risk in the proposed portfolio and its risk management
D. Investment constraints a. Liquidity needs b. Time horizon c. Tax concerns d. Legal and regulatory e. Unique needs and preferences
E. Investment mandate
F. Investment strategy
2. Methodological issues
3. Performance evaluation
Appendix A
Appendix B
Reference list
Department of Business and Economics

Fabio Hidajat 23449586
Vialy Wijaya 25640666
Vincent Leonard Tjoatjawinata 24093742

May 12, 2016

Dr. Wicky J. Wickramanayake
Monash University Caulfield
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Dear Dr. Wicky:
Attached is the report that has been assigned to BFF3121 students for this semester.

The report has been prepared through research by using textbook and online resources, applying theories, knowledge and showing evidences with assignment guidelines.


(Vincent) (Fabio) (Vialy) Executive summary

Investing money on securities and in the hope of earning high return never been easy. We won’t know the stock price will go up or down in the next day, even in matters of hours, minutes and seconds. SMN Investment helps their investors in managing their funds in order to get high return with minimum risk. This report is prepared to assist SMN investment and the client in order to manage $1 million funds ending 12 May 2016. To…
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