Construction Of An Islamic Community Center At 51 Park Street

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During the late summer of 2010, Sharif el-Gamal was planning for the construction of an Islamic community center at 51 Park Street. This community center would be in close proximity of the site of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center during 9/11. Many people argued that the community center should not be built in such close proximity to the site of the attack. These people believed that the construction of the community center would be insensitive to the those who mourned over the deaths of loved ones. The land surrounding the attack is sacred to Americans. It is a site where people may come and pay their respects to those who lost their lives in the attack. However, this site is not only an important place to those who lost a loved one. The site is also important to the Islamic community. Would denying the Islamic community the construction of the community center also denies that the area surrounding Park 51 is not important to the Islamic community? The presence of the Islamic community may cause some sensitivity to the 9/11 site. However, the sensitivity surrounding the center must be overcome to help educate the public of the Islamic community. For that reason, Sharif el-Gamal should continue to construct the Islamic Center at Park 51 to help educate those about the Islamic faith and to educate those who do not see the suffering that the Islamic community experienced due to 9/11. Since the attack on the World Trade Center, Americans have been more aware of
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