Construction Of Bridge Construction Project

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Over the past several decades, the frequency of disasters and their impacts on communities have increased initiating enhancement need for more efficient safety measures, disaster risk reduction and adequate management plans. Therefore, building disaster resilient infrastructure systems and making resilient cities with a reduced probability of failure, economic and social consequences and a recovery time, represents the challenge (Bruneau, Chang et al. 2003, Godschalk 2003). Further, safety problem of bridges became public topic since they have vital role in highway infrastructure systems, in which they represent the most vulnerable components (Liu and Frangopol 2006). Thus, bridge safety is priority of everyone involved in traffic. Bridges have been exposed to risks during their whole life-cycle period (Dawen and Wenda 2009). In the planning phase of bridge construction project, the risk arises from uncertainty of the bridge preliminary design scheme, a selection of the bridge location, and the height of the passage area. During the design phase, uncertainties arise from the implemented design theory, the used calculation model, adequate capability of the performed calculations and from associated analysis. The risks in the construction phase are from construction techniques, unexpected accidents, natural disasters and human actions. Finally, in the operation phase, the risks are associated with unexpected accidents, natural disasters and human actions. A disaster aftermath
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