Construction Of Construction And Built Environment Sector

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In this assignment I will be looking at the structure and activates of the construction and built environment sector. These particular roles all play a massive part into the construction and maintenance of a building. Such as house Building which may be funded by a government grant, a private investor or a mixture of both. Schools & Hospitals are mainly funded by government or a PFI contract. Industrial & Commercial Accommodation may be funded by private company for their own use or letting them out to other companies. Utilities may be funded by the local councils with a combination from the government to supply the houses and building with adequate means of water and gas and sewers along with civil engineers to construct road and access to buildings. Reclamation may be funded by a private investor to develop land for means of building on. This may also incorporate the demolition of building and areas of land which could be make way for new developments. Building Maintenance & Facilities Management can be controlled by a private company working for a government origination.

These jobs will require trades such as structural engineers who work on houses, hospitals, bridges and office blocks. Working closely with the architects ‘Structural engineers have to choose appropriate materials, such as concrete, steel, timber and masonry, to meet design specifications’ (, 2015). Architects job would be to design new building or drawings for restoration projects…
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