Construction Of Construction Technology And Safety

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Since ancient times all the way to the present day there have been monumental advances in construction technology and safety, from the techniques and methods of construction to the equipment used in construction which wasn’t revolutionized during the industrial revolution. The only constant throughout all the aforementioned advancements is the use of scaffolding, from ancient times where sockets in the walls around the Paleolithic cave paintings at Lascaux, the Berlin Foundry Cup depicts scaffolding in ancient Greece (early 5th century BC), the ancient Egyptians, Nubians and Chinese are also recorded as having used scaffolding-like structures to build tall buildings. Early scaffolding was made of wood and secured with rope knots. All the way to the present day where scaffolding has enclosed and has been used to repair the dome of the Capital of the United States of America or even The Statue of Libetry, construction workers around the world are using temporary work platforms (scaffolds) to reach areas where work must be done which by any other means would be otherwise unfeasible. Along with the advancements in construction technology and safety so has scaffolding changed with the times, form the make-up of the materials used, to the requirements demanded of the builders in order for the scaffold to be deemed safe for use. This paper will discuss: Different types of scaffolds that can be built and utilized for different tasks and the material they are made up of,…
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