Construction Of Integrated Construction Project Management

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Topic- Lean construction- from Theory to Practice
Date- 12-31-2014

Done by- Sushil sriram Subramanian
ABSTRACT-This article compares the techniques developed for lean construction with those developed for lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing and lean construction techniques share many common elements despite the obvious differences in their assembly environments
And processes. Manufacturing plants and construction sites are different in many ways that might explain why lean production theories and practices do not fully fit the construction industry. Though many lean construction tools and elements are still in an embryonic state, lean construction techniques are gaining popularity because they can affect the bottom line of projects. Additionally, this paper presents a study of a construction project in which specific lean construction elements were tested. Each technique was evaluated in terms of its impact on the performance of the project. Based on the findings of the study, a new “lean assessment tool” is proposed to quantify the results of lean implementations.
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