Construction Of New Road For Unitec Campus

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1.0 Introduction
This project involves the construction of new road including the roundabout on the existing entry 3 road at Unitec campus, Mt Albert. The construction of proposed road will start from existing pedestrian crossing back of building 115 and it will end up to farm road through back of building 172.
The Methodology describes the options for carrying out each work item, a detailed description of the most suitable option and the resources required.
The report also describes the layout of the site which includes the establishment of various things such as site office, storage, worker facilities etc which will maintain the safety of workers.
The Quality Plan covers all the quality checks that are required to ensure that the road is constructing to required standard and specifications.
The Site Safety Plan describes the details of the hazards that could take place on site and what steps are to be taken in order to prevent all these hazards.
The Environment Safety Plan includes the steps that are to be taken in order to minimize or eliminate damage done to the environment during and post construction of this road such as noise pollution, dust and it also focuses on the erosion and sediment control and archaeological resources.
A Temporary Traffic Management Plan (TTMP) will be made to safely govern the traffic around and associated with the site works during construction
2.0 Assumptions
In order for the construction plan to comply with the requirements of this project…
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