Construction Of The Blue Granite Building Office And Warehouse

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The main contractor has got the tender for the construction of the Blue Granite building office and warehouse. The works includes establishment of site, construction of substructure, superstructure, interior finishing, exterior finishing and external work. Construction of the office block includes column erection, perllings and stiffener column fixing, roof truss fixing, door window fixing, roof panel fixing, staircase, toilet and partition walls. The warehouse includes columns, raft, roof, floor slab, wall, concrete panels.
The challenges for the construction team includes:
• The work involves some huge construction equipment and machines like cranes, man lift, scissor lift etc. so safety of the site is a main challenge.
• The underpinning piling process will cause some challenges to the foundations of the near-by building black granite.
• Attaining the quality of construction and workmanship essential to understand project’s design concept and to meet the client’s objectives.
• Organizing and interacting with the client all over the project to accomplish the project.

This method statement sets out to demonstrate our ability to carry out the works in the ideal time, in the most feasible and safe means to achieve a completed project to the fulfilment of all parties.

• General
• Pre-Construction
• Planning and Programming
• Logistics
• Site Management
• Security and Site…
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