Construction Of The Construction Industry Essay

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incorporated into the questionnaire. According to Gould and Joyce (2002) there are a number of risks which can be identified within the construction industry itself and those risks are evident in every construction project regardless of the project size or its scope. Tummala et al. (1999) has argued that oftentimes changes in design and scope in addition to time frames or schedules are considered the most common risks for the construction sector based on the study conducted. As the construction project progresses there 's bound to be changes in scope or design which are implemented causing the need for more resources, time and cost. Baker, et al. (1999) notes that if a project is completed ahead of its scheduled time, it may be as troublesome as one scheduled late. Karim et al. (2015) has argued that extremely quick completion maybe a resultant of planning which is insufficient or problems within the construction design which caused shortening of completion time. This may also lead to overall low quality of the final construction product and there may be an increase in the overall cost of the project (Karim et al. 2015). Gould and Joyce (2002) argues that setting a delay in a schedule garners a great cost that becomes the burden of both the contractors and the investors in differing ways. Zhang and Xing (2010) urges that there is great importance in keeping balance between the concepts of time-cost-quality trade-off which manifested over the past decade. This concept of

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