Construction Of The Construction Industry

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INTRODUCTION The Construction industry in the United States is a well-known sector of the Country’s economy. This sector of the economy has made tremendous impact as a result of the seasoned professionals who have come together in their various set skills to carry out functions as it relates to them. These professions usually comprises of the Architect, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Estimators etc. According to (14), $650 billion was contributed to the construction industry of United States in 1998 which shows the impact the sector has on the economy. However, out of these professions that are actively involved are the Construction Managers. The education of these professionals is solely based on managing a construction site…show more content…
Having established that there are different universities with Construction Management programs across the country. This study would focus on the engagement of Construction Management graduates in Michigan with Eastern Michigan University being a case study for our research. According to (13), there are several skills that a construction manager must possess. These skills would be examined to determine what employers look out for. Also, (21) also explained that construction occupation has decreased overtime in the recent years. This research would also examine the opportunities available for construction management graduates. In essence, this study would find out if there are opportunities for Construction management graduates. These questions would be researched and tested by administering questionnaires to the appropriate group of people and the results obtained from this findings would be explained and illustrated subsequently in this paper. This paper is arranged in this order. Section 2 to be the methodology applied on the research using a survey questionnaire and selection of samples to be used for the research. Section 3 is the analysis of result obtained from the questionnaire and Section 4 represents the conclusion from the study. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Construction Management programs vary from Universities across the state of Michigan. Graduates from
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