Construction Of The Natural Environment

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. INTRODUCTION: Nigeria like other developing countries is undergoing rapid growth accompanied by rapid development pressure with high demand for Housing and Infrastructure as a result of population growth. In 2000 the United Nation food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) found that “the role of population dynamics in local setting may vary from decisive to negligible and that deforestation can result from “a combination of population pressure and stagnation of economy, social and technological condition”. The present administration of Niger State Government embarked on mass constructions projects in order to reduce the alarming demands of housing. This leads to the obliteration of the natural environment Forests are being destroyed for several reasons, among which are the continued urbanization of the world and thus the need for construction of roads and buildings. The need for fuel and timber for construction is another major factor leading to deforestation (Domries and Salati, 1991). However, over half of the worlds tropical rainforest have already been destroyed, and they are continuing to be destroyed today (Dowroes 1991). Moreover, the nature of construction in Nigeria has visibly affected the environment. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Nigeria is faced with so many challenges from enforcement of laws governing the necessity of EIA in some projects by relevant agencies of Government to collation of adequate baseline data and implementation processes of the
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