Construction Of Urban Regeneration Projects

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Urban renewal or also known as urban regeneration project are driven by the importance of urban design and aspiration which is important as the independent world moves further into the 21st century. As the world undergoes rapid globalisation, people may experience challenges at a point that demand for their awareness especially towards the evironment and social. Therefore, it is important that part of an architect to practise practical solutions that brings advantage of the existing urban assests in a smart and sustainable way. Although an architect alone could not maintain a sustainable urban regeneration from an architecture perspective, the role of an architect may contribute to a sustainable urban regeneration projects. From my findings, I found that it is important for architect to involve in an urban regeneration projects as the role of an architect would contribute to an efficient use of land, balance ecological sustainability and positive economic development.

Until now, it is argued that architects could contribute in an efficient land use, but there are some limitations to an architect’s access. An architect does not have the authority to choose a specific building site for a building to be built. Architect does not get the privilege of their hands on the project site because the choice where a building is decided to be built usually came from developers or chosen by a city government (Clark, 2012) In other words, why architect could not get their perspective…
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