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| CPCCBC4020A - Assessment - LA014506 | Build thermally efficient & sustainable structures | | CONTENTS Page Question 1 3-5 Question 2 5-7 Question 3 7 QUESTION 1 In Australia, research for the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) suggests that the building sector is directly responsible for around 24% of the total energy use. At present this is split fairly evenly between the residential and commercial building sectors. Reducing energy use…show more content…
This BASIX rating element is on a Pass/Fail basis and there are three methods currently applicable to get a pass result from thermal comfort section of the tool. * Rapid method which only applies for single storey detached simple dwellings with typical construction elements. * DIY Method which is for a single dwelling with little flexibility and introduces minimum insulation and window performance requirements to the BASIX certificate. * Simulation Method which is a detailed and flexible thermal simulation applicable to single and multi unit developments and must be performed by an ABSA Accredited Assessor. BASIX energy Like water score, BASIX energy score is also dependent on the location of the development as well as the building type. While every new dwelling needs to meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements, more than 80% of all new developments must meet maximum energy targets specified in the BASIX online tool in order to get a certificate. Household use of solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems has grown significantly in Australia this decade behind increased awareness of the risk of dangerous climate change, the reduced cost of systems and a range of government incentives to encourage use of the technology. * Solar power systems are now an affordable option for Australian households looking to reduce their power bills and generate their own clean
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