Construction Planning and Scheduling

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Construction activities are often exposed to various weather conditions, and often construction productivity is dependent on these weather conditions. Weather conditions are local, seasonal, and sometimes unusual. Inclement weather conditions often result in project disruptions, delays, and disputes between the project parties.

Many trades such as earthwork, concrete, roofing, and landscaping are often affected by severe weather, meanwhile other trades such as carpet installers or sheetrock installers may not be directly affected by the weather. Owners, general contractors, and subcontractors all face many risks associated with weather conditions. In order to mediate weather risks, all of the involved construction
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Frozen ground magnifies the difficulty of movement and compaction of soils. Frozen soil conditions greatly reduce the equipment productivity. As cold weather affects the operator of the equipment, the soil conditions affect the effectiveness of the equipment.

Weather Delay Day

What type of weather qualifies as a weather delay day? A weather delay day is a day in which work must be completely stopped because efficient construction operations will be difficult to achieve with the weather conditions. Three key factors affecting weather delays and disruptions are; type of construction, on-site drying conditions, and the intensity of rainfall. The threshold values for adverse weather vary from location to location. The threshold values also depend on the trades working and various other social and natural factors. However, a weather day should be decided based on the combination of the threshold values, type of work affected, and common sense. Table 1 below shows a sample adverse weather day calendar. (Glavinich n.d.)

Table 1: Sample Adverse Weather Allowances

Adverse Weather Days 6 6 5 4 5 2 2 4 5 5 4 4

Weather Calendars

Once threshold values are determined, the adverse weather days can be incorporated into the plan. Normally many weather incorporation methods can be used to satisfy the contract requirements. In order to claim time for unusually severe weather, it is
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