Construction Productivity And Construction Of Construction Engineering

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Construction Productivity in a Project
Road projects are one of the key areas of construction engineering; it is essential to understand the main processes involved in such a project, the type of work force involved and machinery in order to achieve the maximum productivity in the projects. This project paper aims at describing the problems that lower productivity rates in the construction process and how to eradicate the future challenges in order to improve productivity.
Road construction equipment
The equipment used in road construction projects play a fundamental role in ensuring productivity; they vary depending on if the project is a new road, minor road repairs or re-carpeting (Peyret 447-461).The most commonly used equipment are;
Motor grader- it is an earth moving equipment or referred to as a road grader is used to form flat surfaces for asphalt to be applied on. It has various models which consist of three axles and an engine.
Asphalt mixing plant-
It is used to manufacture asphalt concrete and various forms of road stone that are coated. It is used to combine sand, a filler and mineral aggregates in the right proportions; it heats the mixture as it uses a binder to coat it. To improve productivity, it keeps the mixture hot so as to avoid setting before it is applied down in layers.
Road roller machine- these can either be double drum or rubber tire rollers which press down the asphalt as it is laid down in layers. The kind of roller to be used is…
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