Construction Productivity And Construction Of Construction Engineering

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Construction Productivity in a Project Introduction Road projects are one of the key areas of construction engineering; it is essential to understand the main processes involved in such a project, the type of work force involved and machinery in order to achieve the maximum productivity in the projects. This project paper aims at describing the problems that lower productivity rates in the construction process and how to eradicate the future challenges in order to improve productivity. Road construction equipment The equipment used in road construction projects play a fundamental role in ensuring productivity; they vary depending on if the project is a new road, minor road repairs or re-carpeting (Peyret 447-461).The most commonly used…show more content…
Crawler excavator They are heavy construction equipment that excavates the land and rocks and loads them into dump trucks. They consist of a bucket, cab, and a boom that is paced above an undercarriage with tracks and wheels. It is able to do a variety of work by interchanging the front attachment. Truck cane- They are mounted at the back of a lorry so as to assist in lifting requirements in a construction site. They have a lifting component and a carrier which are joined through a turntable which allows the lifting elements to swing from one side to another. Wheel loader It is a type of tractor that is used to move a load of materials from the ground to and then loads it onto a dump truck or into an open pit. Forklift truck- it a powered industrial equipment with a prolonged attached platform that can be adjusted to pick an object below or on the ground. It was first used to move objects in industries. Choice of equipment and rate of standard production Most of the construction equipment is used to do repetitive operations; they are classified into two basic operations, haulers and operators. It is very vital to select equipment with the proper characteristics and the size suited for the operation. Factors that most affect the selection of the best equipment are; • Availability of equipment- affects job productivity; the productivity of excavating will reduce if the equipment available
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