Construction Project : Complex And Unique Environments

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Construction project is complex and unique environments that involves many parties to accomplish successful project which many of them have different backgrounds, expectations, perceptions, knowledge and experiences. It can lead clash among parties, which have discrepancy standard specifications and outcomes. In terms of prevention and reduce of dispute in construction projects, this study has aim to identify the most frequent events can contribute conflicts and disputes during planning design and execution work project phase. The result present that the high probabilities occurrence divide into four main categories as follows, non-performance, payment, time, and the site and execution work.

Infrastructure development with economic development has a close relationship and interdependence with one another. Therefore, economic growth will trigger a rise in infrastructure programs which creates a significant number of construction projects. The fulfillment of the performance expectations of the stakeholders is the success of a project (Charrett, 2008). Successful construction program does not generate in disputes. However, the building project is a competitive and complex work environments in which participants cooperate each other with different backgrounds, profession, abilities, and level of work experiences. It can lead to a significant discrepancy in expectations, goals and outcome that are obtained during execution stage so that the dispute cannot be avoided (Cakmak and…
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