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Barriers to collaboration- A review of the impact of the Companies Act 2006 By Agassi joyvin peter September 2015 (B415782) (2014-2015) A project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of masters of Science degree in construction project management, at Loughborough University Supervisor: Professor Wayne Lord Department of civil and…show more content…
I appreciate and acknowledge the support from my parents throughout the program. Without their help, the data collection process would not have been so smooth and the data would not be of such high quality, since the author was not in India during the project. I would like to heart fully thank my fiancée Jenita for guiding me and being with me in my difficult times. A special thanks to my friends Zack and Jay for their unconditional support in my time of need. I would also like to thank my classmates for helping me through this project. Finally, I thank all the respondents for their willing help, without which this research could not have been accomplished ABSTRACT Last few years in the business history of United Kingdom has witnessed ups and downs in terms of business collaborations such as in the case of collaboration between UK and Vietnamese technology companies or . The business and legal experts were curious to know the reasons behind the development. On the bright side, there were emergence of Asia and Africa as attractive investment destinations, expansion of free market economy, increasing market share of Small and Medium Enterprises etc. on the other legal changes in the domestic laws. This paper specifically pursues those legal changes that may have a cascading effect on collaborations. From a utilitarian perspective, this paper would be useful in
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