Construction Scope Of A Project Manager

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As a project manager, you’ll need to define Project Scope no matter what methodology you choose to use. Defining what is needed is the first step towards establishing a project timeline, setting project goals and allocating project resources. These steps will help you define the work that needs to be done – or in other words, define the Scope of the project (CIO, 2011). Scope is the summation of all deliverables required as a part of the project. This includes all products, services and results (Kerzner). The Scope here, is to successfully transition from manufacturing of ‘cruiser’ motorcycles, which have an engine or motor size ranging from 500 cc - 1,000 cc, to manufacturing of ‘touring’ motorcycles, which have an engine or motor size…show more content…
Project Scope will also include project risks – such as shortage of material, labor, and scheduling problems. Assumptions on information that is currently missing, but will be available as the project progresses should be included in the Project Scope as well. For instance, improvements in the motorcycle performance as changes are made to its engine or motor design could negatively affect comfort for the rider. Scope should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Project Scope is a component of the Project Management Plan (Project Management Insitute, Inc.). Developing a Project Management Plan is the process of defining, preparing, and coordinating all subsidiary plans and integrating them into a comprehensive Project Management Plan. The key benefit of this process is a central document that defines the basis of all project work. The Project Management Plan defines how the project is executed, monitored, and controlled, and closed. The Project Management Plan’s content varies, depending upon the application area and complexity of the project. At a very high level, the Project Management Plan for Project Motorcycles will include the following subsidiary plans: 1) Vision (Scope): The plan includes scope baseline, project scope statement, or WBS. For Project Motorcycles, this is management’s goal to successfully transition
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