Construction Sequence for a Typical Project

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Work Events Make Construction Sequence A Typical Project Construction Sequence for Typical Project Management of construction projects needs skills and knowledge in modern management and comprehension of construction and design process. In construction projects, the relevant technology processes, and arrangements differ, but common sequence of events apply. Construction projects generally require a specification of the project plans and objectives that entail budgeting, scope, setting of performance requirements, scheduling, and project participants (Rojas, 2009). It also requires project management specifics like the resource utilization by procurement of materials, labor, and equipment to project plan and schedule. In addition, it leads to implementation of several operations by effective control, estimation, design, construction, and contracting (Mincks & Johnston, 2010). The sequence of events occurring in the construction phase is categorized into three broad areas including foundation, structural, and finishes sequence. In construction projects, the sequence of construction entail the determination of building sequence, subdivision of floor plan, determination of floor sequence, and determination of work rate. Fundamental principles in lean construction create a sequence that includes the stop line and lat work process for correction of systematic problems (Rojas, 2009). This also involves the pulling versus pushing process, the one-piece flow process,
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