Construction Workers Have The Twelfth Uppermost Dangerous Jobs

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According to a poll taken by Time Magazine (2016), construction workers have the twelfth uppermost dangerous jobs in America. (Johnson, 2016). Construction workers come to their job, with the assumption that they are safe and can perform their job with ease. They do not anticipate getting hurt on the job, but often are subject to injuries or even fatalities. The Occupational Safety and Health act states that employees have the right to a safe work environment, and must ensure that safety measures are provided for these employees. (, 2016).

This case in consideration concerns an injury in a construction workplace. An employee named John Schmidt was on the job using a machine powered table saw. He ended up injuring his hand as he was pushing wood through the table saw. Who was at fault, the employee or the company he worked for? The employee was seen making jokes and wisecracking with his co-workers before the injury took place. The shop manager, David Donald claimed that the machine was safe and was maintained at a satisfactory level, according to word from the foreman. John Schmidt’s co-workers had previously articulated that the safety guard wasn’t functioning precisely on the machine. The foreman was accurately informed about the design of the safety guard, but the machine was still being used. A health and safety report found that the safety guard was poorly designed. The guard was not able to protect the machine operators in several situations. . I believe that…
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