Constructive Alignment

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HOS 518 Assignment 1 - Constructive alignment and the Deep and Surface approaches to Learning Dr Rika Van Schoor Due Date : 16th March 2012 TITLE: Life Long Learning through Constructive Alignment In responding to the assignment question, I have considered and reflected on my approaches to teaching, facilitating and learning in the context of constructivism and constructive alignment. Therefore the assignment is structured broadly as follows: I provide a definition of constructivism and contructive alignment based on my literature review ( reading materials made available via blackboard) and my practice in the field of adult learning and facilitation I discuss constructive alignment and its relation to theories of…show more content…
Most importantly learners must be able to see the integration between what they should be learning, how the outcomes will be assessed and how their participation in learning activities enables the knowledge acquisition process. The unit standards based approach, focuses not only on knowledge but specifically on skills (what learners must be able to do) and behaviors that must be displayed, because it is achieved in the workplace and in the context of a specific vocational role. Therefore constructive alignment, as a subset of Constructivism as a learning theory, suggests that for learning to be effective and meaningful (deep learning) the intended learning outcomes must be articulated, appropriate learning methodologies adopted to enable the process of acquiring the 4 outcomes and finally, assessment practices that support the achievement of the outcomes. This requires practitioners to adopt a variety of assessment practices that align to the outcomes to ensure meaningful assessment. Therefore if the outcome is to demonstrate the use of a piece of technology then the ideal assessment method would be to place the learner in a real environment where technology would be used and ask them demonstrate its application. This would be a more suitable assessment method than asking them to write a multiple
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