Constructivism And Progressivism Are My Philosophies Of Education

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Constructivism and Progressivism are my philosophies of education, I am an art teacher and working to be an art professor and therefore have a progressive attitude with constructing art. As I began learning and traveling down this path to becoming an art educator, my main goal was to inspire and help students to structure themselves on the building blocks of the arts. This however changed as time went on, my passion grew and so did my philosophy of education. At first glance, my philosophy was more so of a constructive nature back in the beginning. That changed as time flew by, learning that every idea and plan led to a change in the mind; learning from students led to a change in my heart.
Now I combine the two philosophies to help students to construct and progress with the urge to learn for the next task at hand. Using constructivism as a beginning stage, students would be delving into their work through hands on experience. Working physically with the work connects their experience with their knowledge. This is a common goal of constructivists and therefore a pertinent goal of virtually any art classroom as well as my own. As students continue to grow, they begin building and advancing over time; becoming masters of their trade whether it be art or otherwise allowing them to become the people they were destined to be. Art is a tool to advance every aspect of life, without it there is little room for expansion within a closed mind. It flares the mind and cleanses the
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