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Constructivism Essay


In the past 40 years, education has been experiencing a revaluation. The aims of education have been changed because of the education theories, constructivism and behaviourism.

According to educational theories, we discuss and compare behaviourism and constructivism in the views of knowledge, learning and instruction.

The purpose of this academic essay is to discuss, reflect and conclude on two main educational theories, constructivism and behaviourism, which have been dominant in the field of learning and teaching. We will also argue these theories to reflect, which one of these theory is the more persuasive position.

This contemporary world has defined the individual, as an active
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Whereas only in a learner-centred learning process, individuals can be an active participant and construct their own knowledge.

Constructivist concerns about learners needs, because they focus on “How do they learn?” rather than “What should they be taught?” Thus, when an individual needs to learn for a purpose, the individual will find and learn relevant knowledge to achieve that goal. That must be the purpose of our education system to create independent analytic mind.

Despite Richard Fox criticized that constructivist view of learning is essentially a process of making sense of the world. (Fox,2001), I believe, we do not learn a definition and go apply it, we learn by looking at things, noticing similarities, bringing those similarities together and exerting ourselves to make sense.

Behaviourism views instruction as the process of providing knowledge, constructivism views instruction as the process of supporting construction of knowledge. (B. A. Bichelmeyer & Yu-chen Hsu, 1999, P.4). Constructivist education program provides learners a creative environment that they can see the whole picture. The role of instructor is a supporter in learning activities and helps learners to evaluate the structure of their knowledge effectively, rather than provider of knowledge. Instead of Knowing How, Knowing Why becomes very important issue in constructivist
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