Constructivism, Symbolic Interactionism And Social Conflict Theory

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Such theoretical approaches of functionalism, symbolic interactionism and social conflict theory allow us to critically analyse and discuss the importance of globalisation, giving deeper insight into this social phenomenon. Globalisation according to Giddens is the intensification of worldwide social relations which distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by an event occurring many miles away and vice versa (1990, p.64). Due to the advancement in technology, globalisation has emerged as an economic, social, cultural, political and legal phenomenon. By looking through various sociological theoretical perspectives, one can potentially grasp globalisation and its continual growth. In order to understand,…show more content…
After 1820 World trade increased by 3.5% (1% average between 1500-1800) and during the nineteenth century as a whole, trade in Europe increased by 40% (Nordregio, 2008). World War 2 market the beginning of the fifth wave. International regulations and organisation were created to support economic integration, with most being based on the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944. The United states were now the leading economy, and the dollar became the monetary basis of the financial system. Such changes, saw the establishment of the United Nations, World Bank and the international Monetary fund. Lastly, the current wave (1980 - present) of globalisation constitutes a replacement of the political and military dynamic to finance and culture. Governments shifted towards neoliberal policies, revolving around the reduction of state regulation of trade movement, privatisation of enterprises and the reduction of trade barriers between countries. Therefore, it is evident, Globalisation constantly changes, which either can benefit or damage society. Functionalism is a pioneer in globalisation strategy and theory. It draws upon a societal equilibrium, whereby it emphasises the independence between human beings and the natural environment. In relation to globalisation, they look at the changing nature of culture, moreover, they look at culture in the sense of norms, values and lifestyles. According to Durkheim, society is interrelated where no part can function without the

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