Constructivist Theory And The United States

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The United States is clearly one of the biggest and most influential political leaders of the world. This title that is bestowed upon the United States however, leads it to the particularly hard issue of being at the center of many global events, problems, and decisions. The way America deals with its role in the world is crucial to maintaining balance in the world and safety and prosperity in our own borders. In order to accomplish this the United States needs to acquire a Constructivist point of view to shape its hegemonic place in the world. Constructivist theory will allow the United States to tackle issues on a case-by-case basis. If the United states understands that in order to deal with international relations we must look at historically and socially important differences of world regions then the United states will be able to thrive. This theory allows the United States to construe plans thoughtfully and rationally as opposed to other theories. Applying constructivism to real world events can further prove how adopting this theory will benefit the United States. Constructivist theory emphasizes the meanings that are assigned to material objects, rather than the mere existence of the objects themselves. Anne Marie Slaughter emphasizes that objects like military power and trade relations are important because of their social meaning . Constructivism intends to prove that an objective thing such as military power means something different when placed in different
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