Consultant Scenario Role Playing Assignment

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Consultant Scenario During the course of working together, each of the team members will have specific roles that they must follow. This is because every individual has different strengths they can provide during the process. Once this takes place, is when everyone will be more focused (which will result in an increase in productivity). (Bigelow, 2012) (Kazi, 2011) Theah will be the team leader. This is because she exhibited attributes that improved the underlying amounts of enthusiasm in everyone. At the same time, she has a number of strengths that she is bringing with her to include: organizational behavior, group dynamics and problem solving. This means that she will be responsible for ensuring the team is meeting all of their objectives. During this process, she will have to embrace different responsibilities to include: ensuring effective communication, dealing with potential challenges, double checking the work completed by team members (for quality control purposes) and ensuring that everyone is motivated. This requires her being vigilant and quickly addressing any problems when they are small. (Bigelow, 2012) (Kazi, 2011) Robert's role will be to serve as the analyst for the project. This is because he has an extensive background for research / development by embracing a number of attributes to include: the collection, calculation and interpretation of data. This means that he will have a variety of responsibilities to include: collecting, researching,
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