Consultant’s Analysis Report on Enterprise Systems Essay

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Consultant’s Analysis Report on Enterprise Systems
Charles P. Fonte III
IT 401
Information Technology Architectures
Instructor: Kenneth Orgill

Table of Contents

The purpose of this project is to conduct an analysis research into the implementation and management of this business enterprise system. This project deals with developing and upgrading the computer system to handle to daily work load of our business while being able to conduct communication between sites and data back-up. Furthermore, we will analyze other various architectures features such as: system requirements, architecture selection, resources and timeline, security and the
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System Requirements To conduct an analysis of the systems requirements we will first need to understand how the company’s enterprise system is set-up. An enterprise system is the overall combination of computer hardware and software that a business uses to organize and run its operations. (What is enterprise system?)
Hardware Setup and Functions
The current set-up of the hardware is not conductive to a business environment. Main Building – will require 7 computer stations with the most recent version of Operating System to ensure compatibility and networking capabilities between each stations and the ability to communicate between the two locations. They will require three servers, one for web hosting, one for database management and one for emergency failure of any one server. These stations should be networked to communicate with one another for proper data connection especially in the event of any one computer station crashing. Each work station will need to be linked to each server for web hosting and data backup. The cabling used for inside the main building should be 100Base TX cat 5 UTP, for Wi-Fi and WLAN with guest access that is highly secure and reliable, we recommend a device that is capable of supporting up to 15 different users with 450 Mbps. There needs to be 4 printer services in this building. Printer 1 should have
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