Consultation And Collaboration With Other Human Service Activities

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Consultation and Collaboration Compared With Other Human Service Activities Kayla Winger Concordia University - Wisconsin Abstract Understanding the difference between consultation and collaboration with human service functions can be very difficult. Many human service professionals use consultation and collaboration in their practice but there is a distinct difference between a therapy session and consultation and collaboration. The main goal behind consultation and collaboration is to attempt to alleviate current problems while preventing their future occurrence. Consultation and collaboration also attempts to promote the psychological well-being of society through indirect methods. A consultative or collaborative relationship is one in which two peers are viewed as equals and play equal roles in power, although in consultation the consultee is the individual with the greatest need within the relationship. Consultation and collaboration compared with other human service activities sets aside the distinct ways in which these two fields differ from one another. It seems as if these two fields are very similar; however, they are quite different and quite often get misinterpreted for each other. There are four common human service functions known as: counseling and psychotherapy; supervision; teaching; and mediation. “The field of Human Services is broadly defined, uniquely approaching the objective of meeting human needs through an

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