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Consulting Assessment
Anthonia Onuorah
HRM/326 Employee Development
August 17, 2015
Richard Lab

Edmond Police Force – Service and Overarching Goals The Edmond Police Force is committed to making the community a safe place to live, work, and visit by providing trustworthy service. The all-encompassing goals of the Force are to continually strive to find ways to provide new and more effective police service. Partnering with the local community is a key component in keeping Edmond safe as the community continues to grow. Edmond Police Force is focused in keeping Edmond citizens informed and involved through crime prevention, personal safety education, school resource officers (SROs), an annual Citizens Police Academy, and an ongoing
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A police officer parked near an area known for speeding cars might cause people to drive more slowly. Preventing problems lowers the amount of crime, as well as lowering court costs and time for those involved.
Training Needs The Edmond Police Force in general is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the citizens within its jurisdiction and enforcing laws that relate to public safety. While each individual police officer is required to complete a basic list of skills and training, additional training is required for specialized units e.g. K9 units, SWAT tactical, Campus Police, Helicopter units, Jail Processing, Radio Dispatch etc which also tie-in with the overarching goals of the Force.

Specific Training

Team building is key to successful policing as it is essential officers are able to work together especially in close proximity with each other. This will also be in small or large departments on a daily basis in real world scenarios or emergency situations. Training activities to promote team building skills, team sports and simulations that force candidates to work with one another in creative problem solving and police procedural tasks. However, in order to ensure that training needs are based on the organization's needs and current focus, a needs assessment or training analysis (TNA) must be undertaken. This process consist of organizational, person, and task analysis which provides
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