Consulting Project Plan Essay

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Consulting Project Plan – Part Two

Summary The data compiled in the research presented focuses on the analysis in the daily operations stated by an entry-level classification, which states issue of reclassification of Office Technicians. The communication plan used to develop a consulting project plan presented in this paper show main objectives of the client’s best interest from the consultant’s perspective. The main goal is achieved, which includes support to benefit the organization’s positive progress in developing the growth of the Parks and Recreational Department. The main idea is to present recommendations within the organization to identify the issues in need of ratification. The
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This method assists the client in gathering the required data to in reclassifying the OT alleviate further moral issues related to the problem. Rectifying the issue at hand consists of the client’s compliance within the reclassification of the OTs and will resolve the issues of staff’s low self-esteem. Committing to valuable input compiled in feedback will assist in the growth of the City Recreation department.
The purpose of planned feedback meetings are to engage across various levels of the organization to accomplish the following listed: * Raising engagement levels across the organization * Performance management process * Leadership and management effectiveness and impact * Promote team development * Builds communication and relationship strategies * Educes an introduction of new practices to engrain change
Conducting group feedback meeting involves all stakeholders and structured to accomplish the outcome of success within the current business and to promote a successful company.
The determination of resistance taken personally, as resistance to change is a natural business growth process and will be accepted over a short time. The senior team will work together in preparing a specified action plan to prepare and employee opinion to engage employee feedback. All employees employed at the City Parks and Recreation department will raise awareness of such questionnaires and will
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