Consulting Scenario For Universal Oil And Gas

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Consulting Scenario for Universal Oil and Gas
Christina Kauffman
University of Oklahoma

LSAL-5133 Cultures of Organizations
Professor Paul Dyer
August 30, 2015

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Consulting Scenario for Universal Oil and Gas To correctly address the problems facing Universal, an examination of the current business culture within the company is necessary. Business culture refers to cultural differences, and expectations of the way companies conduct business according to the cultural values associated with a company. The problem facing Universal is a lack of a unified culture. With an overemphasis on collaboration, but lacking in directional leadership; previously, the company has relied on acquiring new businesses during times of expansion. A lack of a unified culture, however, has led to lengthy debates and discussion, which has currently placed Universal at a competitive disadvantage. Presumably, a lack of a unified culture and the overemphasis on collaboration has become a culture within itself for Universal. Culture should at least
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