Consumer Analysis - The Food Market Essay

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Consumer Analysis - The Food Market

Consumer analysis is a very complex matter. There is an increasing interest to study it for more intensively due to the political dimension of some food safety problems in the last decade.
The concern on health and nutrition has stimulated the research on different attributes and comparative advantages of consumption habits and diets. However, under a practical point of view, we should focus our attention in a broad horizon, with a mixture of nutrition, culture and traditional values. In this paper we focus the analysis in the new consumer scenario of food safety at the EU, with some views about general methodology and comments about the future, and actions to be taken to increase
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In this way our nutritional index has a negative trend. For instance, in 1960, the energy balance was almost the optimum, while in 2001 there was a surplus of 70% in the level of proteins and 50% in the fat.

Consumer habits change, so enterprises and institutions dealing with the food businesses need to adapt . Another question is why and how the consumer preferences change, and in which way can be modified them by advertising and promotion activities. According to Senauer (1991) a major impact on the economic analysis of consumer behavior came from the models proposed by G. Becker about the "new household economics" and K. Lancaster with the basic idea that "products are composed of a bundle of attributes".
Consumption analysis has several ways to deal with:

Impacts on Food Markets

Added Value:
The greater proportion of the economic activity in the food system has been shifted toward the retailers. In situations of scarcity where the supply is lower than the demand, the bargaining power is controlled by the farmers. With the transformation of the traditional agriculture into a modern one, market oriented, the bargaining power moved toward the manufacturers and later to the traders. In developed countries, the food chain at retail level has the greatest share of the added value in the food system. But even at the production level, innovations are diminishing the farmer share. Scientific technology and genetic research are
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