Consumer And Consumer Self Identity

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1.0 Introduction

Consumer researchers have recognized that people consume in ways that are consistent with their sense of self (Sirgy, 1982). Consumption is not only a tool to obtain the value of goods and display social status, but also is closely related to self-identity. In the consumer culture, customers no longer just shop because of their needs. The desire of individual's self-development and self-taught continue to stimulate the consumption. People change themselves as much as possible by buying new goods. In answer to the problem "what kind of person he is", people not only judge other people according to a virtue or quality of the individual, but tend to be based on personal lifestyle or behavior consistent with specific groups.
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It is important for marketers to understand the concept and dynamics of self, the meaning of goods then they could use this link to advert better (Elliott & Wattanasuwan, 1998).

3.0 The importance of advertising

In the increasingly competitive market, people pay more attention to the development of brand image. Meenaghan (1995) stated that advertising is considered to be an important marketing tool. It informs consumers of the product information and it is a popular and effective way to communicate with their customers. Companies could attract target groups through advertising. Advertising are largely based on defining the desires and dreams of the consumers so it do not attempt to manipulate consumers, but rather the symbolic meanings which are attached to the products. When a company launches advertising, its goal is to promote consumption and increase market sales. Abideen and Saleem (2011) stated that advertising promotes product awareness in the minds of all the potential and target consumers and as such playing a huge role in influencing the consumer purchasing decision. Therefore, many companies choose to make the advertising to attract the customers. These companies also use consumer‘s self-identity concept to advert and let the customers know the products could satisfy their self-identity. There are three different advertisements below.

3.1 Chanel
The first advertising that is
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