Kitchen Ware Essay

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Literature review
It is important to understand the consumer and their consumption practice/ pattern to deliver any good or service. The key concept of marketing is customer centricity, we cannot ignore different processes in decision making. Understanding the process in making those decisions is central (Blackwell, R.D., Miniard, P.W. and Engel, J.F. (2001)). Lakeland with its new rage and different products in the Indian market is one of the challenges that needs to be solved. The kitchen ware involved in the cooking practices of an Indian consumer is different compared to the UK. Though the practice have evolved from using traditional kitchen ware to modern kitchen ware, consumers need to me made aware of such. India being a country with diverse religion and culture, the consumption habits of each individual is different as compared to the other culture. One of the common difference in the cooking practices as compared to western culture is the use of different and traditional kitchen ware such as clay pots and vessels. There are different theories that help underrated the different consumption habits, In this case practice theory best explains the process. Practice theory can play a major role in understanding the consumption habits and to also understand the current cultural habits. As Randles and Warde( 2006) describe consumption as a habit, routine, ‘constraints, and so on and can be summed up as a recognition of the conventional nature of consumption’

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