Consumer Attitude : An Organization Of Motivational, Emotional, Perceptual And Cognitive Processes

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Consumer Attitude
An attitude may be defined as a feeling of favorableness or unfavorableness that an individual has towards an object (be it a person, thing or situation). A wider definition of attitude sees it as “an enduring organization of motivational, emotional, perceptual and cognitive processes with respect to some aspect of our environment” (Hawkins, Best and Coney, 2004). More specifically, “attitude refers to knowledge and positive or negative feelings about an object or activity” (Pride and Ferrell, 1991). The study of consumer attitudes is exceedingly imperative for a marketer because an individual with a positive attitude towards a product/service offering is more prone to make a purchase. In terms of consumer behavior, an attitude is reflective of a consistent favorable or unfavorable feeling that a consumer or a prospect forms as a result of an evaluation about an object; the object being, a product/service offering, brand, price, store and dealer, salesperson, advertisement, promotion etc.
According to Brassington, F. and Pettitt, S., (2000) Consumer behavior of every individual is different from other depending on buying choices which is influenced by buying habits and choices that are turn tampered by psychological and social drivers that affect purchase decision process. Consumer attitude with regards to online shopping depends on the direct effects of relevant online shopping features. Online shopping features can be classified into consumer’s
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