Consumer Attritudes Of Consumer's Attitudes Towards Online Shopping

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“Attitudes of Consumers’ towards Online Shopping: A Case Study of Delhi Consumers”

Abstract: Rapid transformation in communication has been witnessed in this century. One of the radical changes is internet. The facility of internet has gained world-wide attention. Everyone is trying to make maximum use of this. Marketers are using internet to do the business all over the world under the guise of online shopping. Online shopping has changed the business scenario for the marketers as well as consumers. Through internet marketers reach has increased to the far flung areas as well as consumers can buy a product from the overseas market at the click of a button. Internet helps the marketers in reducing their marketing costs resulting in reduced product cost implying benefit to the consumers. Consumers now can easily get information about any product features, price, can easily find out the availability of substitute goods and can compare their prices. Though it has many benefits but still the hindrances are there in the mind set of consumers regarding the security, personal touch and warmth while buying from local retailers. This paper focuses on factors like convenience, time saving, website design/ features and security and privacy aspects of online shopping. Consumers’ attitudes towards these four factors influence the consumers overall attitude towards online shopping.

Keywords: Consumer attitudes, online shopping, convenience, time saving, web site design, security
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